Our coffee 


Black coffee (Barreiro)  44,-
Cappuchino 54,-
Cortado 52,-
Americano 52,-
Caffe latte 62,-
Caffe mocca 68,-
Espresso 28,-
Ice coffee 68,-
Chai latte 62,-
Hot chocolate 66,-
Matcha latte 68,-
Tea 44,-
Chaga tea 62,-



Brasil - Barreiro

Sweet and rich. Taste of chocolate, nuts and raisins.

On the farm Barreiro, they have grown coffee for two hundred years. The sweetness and local flavors are emphasized by drying the beans with the pulp on them.

Half and half - Espresso

Round and full. Taste of chocolate, nuts and dark berries.

A popular espresso blend consisting of both wet-processed and berry-dried coffee. Goes very well with espresso drinks with milk.

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